Olive Oil 1 lt.

Olive Oil 1 lt.

Olive Oil 1 lt.

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It is a vegetable oil obtained from olive grains in olive trees.
- Cleanses the liver, facilitates digestion, accelerates metabolism.
- Beautifies the skin.
- It is known for its positive effects on hair care.
- It is good for diabetes.
- Regulates blood pressure.
- It reduces stress.

Benefits of Olive Oil:

- Contains high levels of antioxidants.
- Regulates the digestive system.
- It ensures the regular functioning of the intestines.
- It is good for constipation problem.
- Accelerates metabolism, helps you lose weight.
- Strengthens bones.
- Contains high amount of calcium.
- Protects the skin and delays aging.
- It is also useful for hair care.
- It has a positive effect on diabetes. It lowers blood sugar level.
- Acts as insulin for diabetics.
- Regulates blood pressure and balances blood pressure.
- It reduces stress.
- Maintains your cholesterol balance.
- It reduces the risk of breast cancer. It is good for nipple cracks.

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