Gündoğmuş Çağşir (Çaşir) Honey (filtered) 460 gr.

Gündoğmuş Çağşir (Çaşir) Honey (filtered) 460 gr.

Gündoğmuş Çağşir (Çaşir) Honey (filtered) 460 gr.

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At the summit of the natural wonders of the Taurus Mountains, the Gündoğmuş region serves as an incomparable honey store for bees with its highland and streams, crater lakes, and rich vegetation.

- Does not increase the rate of sugar in the blood.
- Its regular consumption ensures that the body is purified from harmful cells.
- Eliminates health problems that predispose to cancer.
- It is a miraculous food item for the digestive system.
- It prevents the accumulation of toxins in the intestines.
- It is therapeutic in joint disorders.
- It allows you to prevent health problems such as calcification and inflammation.
- It has the effect of lowering bad cholesterol.
- By preventing vascular occlusion, it minimizes your risk of experiencing heart diseases.
- It has antibiotic properties.
- It strengthens the immune system.
- Eliminates deformities on the skin. Protects skin health

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