Carob Vinegar

Carob Vinegar

Carob Vinegar

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Carob vinegar collected from untouched carob trees, the carob fruits are crushed and rested in water, and when sufficient aroma is obtained, the filtered carob juice is kept in suitable conditions and conditions for at least one year for vinegar production.


- Prevents lung cancer.
- It is good for flu and cough.
- Effective for shortness of breath.
- It has expectorant properties.
- It softens the chest, opens the bronchi.
- It is very effective against shortness of breath.
- It expels radiation.
- It is good for intestinal disorders.
- It is effective in intestinal disorders and gastritis.
- Relieves stomach bloating.
- It cleans intestinal parasites such as intestinal worms, tapeworms and worms.
- It is a natural source of power and nutrients.
- Heals wounds and inflammations.
- It has bactericidal properties.
- Provides easy and fast healing of inflammations.
- It is beneficial for oral and dental health.
- Prevents flutter.
- It has many proven benefits for cardiovascular health.
- Effective against palpitations.
- Eliminates toxic substances in the blood.
- It cleans the toxic substances of the blood.

2 tablespoons of carob vinegar for adults and 1 tablespoon of carob vinegar for children can be drunk every morning before breakfast. It can also be used in meals and salads.

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