Beet Molasses

Beet Molasses

Beet Molasses

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This molasses, which is an extremely strong source of iron, is recommended for those suffering from anaemia. Of course, the benefits of sugar beet molasses are not limited to this. It is also good for hypertension disease and gives energy.




- Increases the body's resistance against winter diseases.

- It has a protective effect against all kinds of flu infections.

- It is energizing.

- Keeps the body warm after being eaten.

- It is the strongest known source of iron.

- It meets your daily need of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium.

- It is good for marrow cancer and accelerates the movement of the marrow.

- Good for heartburn.

- Recommended for those who suffer from weakness and fatigue.

- Recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers.

- It is a very important food source due to its mineral density.

- It lowers high blood pressure.

- Strengthens the stomach and intestines.

- It facilitates digestion.


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